The Band

Our Story


Toy Factory is a high-energy, non-stop party whether playing a local club, festival, wedding, private or corporate event. It goes without saying when "The Toyz" take the stage you will experience 3 hours of booty shakin', no way you're sittin' down for this show fun! 

The Toyz Line-Up


Angela Smith (Vocals)

Bruce "Bookie" Lismon (Drums, Vocals)

Charles Muldrow (Keys, Vocals)

Daren Owens (Guitar, Keys & Vocals)

Mic Owens (Lead Vocals, Percussion)

Chaz  Rhodes (Trombone  & Vocals)

Michael  Hogan (Bass, Keys).

Conner  May (Trumpet)

Our Influences



 As musicians from diverse musical backgrounds that includes touring and performing with national recording artists, and award winning songwriting, our influences of jazz, gospel, classical, soul, R & B, rock, funk and a little bit of country can be seen and heard throughout each performance.